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Advent 2022

Another year almost done and so many negative things going on it's hard for us all to see the positives. I took this photo in Rheims Cathedral which is one of the wonders of Europe in my humble opinion. If you get the chance to see it - do so! Anyway, now is the time for families and friends. Am trying to curb my acquisitive side this year and convince myself that I don't need yet another Christmas decoration, scented candle etc etc Time to concentrate on the things which we can't quantify. Love, tolerance, compassion. I'm also thinking about all those people who have lost someone dear to them recently or who simply have no one at all.

Wishing everyone peace - sounds like some ghastly 'feelgood' post but I do really mean it. May you find joy in the smallest things and let the rest of the world wash over you.

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