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Space - The Final Frontier Feb 2024!

Updated: Apr 26

No idea how to entitle my latest blog so the above will have to do! Here we are in February 2024, it's doom, gloom and awfulness everywhere. The weather is dire - dark, cold and miserable and it's hard to find a shard of brightness anywhere. Thank goodness for my art (and my poor, long suffering husband!)

This year's RA Summer Exhibition was opened for entries in January. Entries are open to all but limited this year to 16,500. You can submit up to two pieces of art online, in any media and the judges will then narrow the field down to about 1,500. These lucky few will then go to the RA in person with their artwork(s) and be judged again. I believe the final number chosen to exhibit is around 400. Well here goes, I have submitted a piece but have little or no expectations of success. Much better artists than me try all their lives to be accepted. I understand that we will hear by email on or around 25th March 24 whether our piece has got through to the next round. If by any miracle I should get in I will post my submission on here. This year's 'theme' was based on space. Not the astronauty, milky way kind of space but the relationship between things, having enough or too little space and so on. Watch this space!! (see what I did there?)

Update!! In common with the thousands of artists who attempt to be part of this exhibition, I was not chosen. To be honest, I'm glad as it was my first time of applying, I wasn't that confident in the piece I submitted - hence why it's not on here (!) and also, I would have definitely had 'Impostor Syndrome' as there are thousands of very competent artists who try this for years and are still never accepted. Oh well, next year I will try and be more prepared!

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