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Im a wife, mother of two, grandmother of three

(and a dog) and now I'm apparently an artist!  Good or bad these works have brought me a lot of pleasure and kept me sane during some very difficult times for us all.  I hope you enjoy them.


I seem to have done a few pet portraits recently which have been well received, if you would like to commission one or indeed any other picture then please email me at:  and we can discuss exactly what you would like.    My preferred medium for pet portraits is pastel as I feel I can get the best results with this and please be aware that I need to have a good high resolution photo to work from.    I'm sorry but I don't take on portraits of people as these are so subjective.  

Have a look around my site.  If you would like to buy  any of my works or a print of one, again drop me an email at for further details.   There is a form on the  'Contact' page for this purpose.


In some cases the original may be available for sale. 

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