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Spring Has Sprung!

Well thank goodness things are looking up! Birds are singing, blossom is out and bees are buzzing. OK its been bloody cold for April but we're getting there. Inspiration has been easy to come by lately and is helped by my two weekly projects, emailed to me by the lady who coordinates the art class I go to. Well I did go to it but with Covid, sadly we haven't been able to meet for over a year!! Its such a shame because as much as anything it's a social thing where we all get together and chat and compare notes. Anyway, she very kindly emails us all a project every two weeks and the last two have inspired the black/white horse's head and the apple blossom which I have just added to the site. See below for the apple blossom - taken from my garden

I really want to concentrate on portraits next. Finding a likeness for animals is relatively easy I find but give me a person and I miss it every time. Oh well, they say practise makes perfect. I'll keep you posted! Kim

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