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Hello!  Welcome to my website and thank you for looking.    If you are interested in a particular piece please email me using the form on my 'Contact' page and I will do my best to respond promptly. At the moment my site is a work in progress so I ttrust that you are still able to navigate your way around?

I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I have enjoyed producing them.  Rediscovering your creativity can be a real joy, whether it be crafting, painting, drawing, gardening or any number of satisfying activities.  For me, this all started with a gift of art classes  to myself for a 'special ' birthday.  Three weeks in and  I was completely hooked -  I had rediscovered the joy of painting and drawing and  now there is scarcely a square inch in our house which isn't covered by one of my works!  Of course friends and family are very kind and usually very complimentary but they probably dread Christmas and birthdays in case they receive yet another  new picture!     

I was lucky to find a wonderful local art class   and through this I  met some very inspirational and creative friends.      

Find something you enjoy doing and lose yourself in it.  

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